When you work with Ultimate Cabinets Inc., there are endless possibilities for mudroom and entryway cabinets for your home in Las Vegas, NV. Choose custom cabinetry to create built-ins that look like they came with the house!

Four Ideas for Custom Cabinetry in Your Mudroom

What are the types of built-ins people usually get near the entryway or mudroom of their home? Check out the possibilities for custom entryways and mudrooms when you choose personalized cabinetry. Some of the foyer storage solutions that give you the most bang for your buck include:

  • Mud bench with recessed backer and under-seat cubbies
  • Locker-style mud bench with drawers and open cubbies
  • L-shaped bench with pet bowl opening and shaker doors

Mud bench in your kitchen

With the help of experienced cabinet makers, you can customize your storage to meet your family’s needs. That’s not something you’ll get from a few bookshelves and a bench at your local department store.

Mud Bench With Recessed Backer And Under-Seat Cubbies

A recessed backer provides comfortable seating without taking up extra space. Cubbies built under the bench can hold shoes, toys, and other items. Custom storage can be designed when you work with a dedicated cabinet company. Consider adding hooks, shelves, and crown molding based on your tastes.

Locker Style Mud Bench With Drawers And Open Cubbies

Open cubbies are a great addition to mudrooms if you have pets or children. Bulky, oversized items can be stored without worrying about the doors closing. Long vertical cubbies create extra space for winter jackets and sports gear. You can store items you already have in your foyer by creating built-in units. As an added bonus, you are able to select the materials, color, style, and hardware for your space.

L-Shaped Bench With Pet Bowl Opening And Shaker Doors

Do you need more sitting in your entryway? Your custom-designed L-shaped bench can provide you with a place to comfortably sit while you help your children shed their outerwear. You can create a multipurpose entry space with cubbies for pet bowls and treats, as well as shoes and outdoor paraphernalia.

Mud Bench In Your Kitchen

Create an integrated mud bench in your kitchen using shiplap, floating shelves, and crown molding. Alternatively, work with your designer to add hooks, drawers, and nooks specific to your needs.

Get More Fabulous Mudroom Ideas From Ultimate Cabinets Inc.

Our goal at Ultimate Cabinets Inc. is to work with you to identify your family’s needs. We then design and build cabinetry, benches, and other storage solutions that are unique to the space. Contact us today to start redesigning your entry spaces!

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